The Risks Involved in DIY Tree Work

Tending to your trees can quickly become very problematic when you are not an expert. Large or full-grown trees often make the situation even more complicated due to the technical aspects of tree care involved. Many homeowners would rather carry out basic tree work, such as pruning, on their own to lower costs. Nevertheless, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this decision. What’s more, it is important to understand that unless you are an arborist, you will someday need professional assistance for your trees to remain healthy.

Tree service work being done in FairfaxExpert Tree Services – Protecting Your Property

One good reason to seek professional tree services is to preserve your home and ensure your own safety. Trees that are infected can easily fall during storms, putting you and your home at risk of harm or damage. Note that without proper training, you may not even know when a tree is infected or has a weak structure that makes it susceptible during bad weather.

Normal Tree Care Needs

As part of your tree care and maintenance, it is wise to call in an arborist every two or three years to inspect your trees. He or she will check for signs of tree infection or poor structure that could become hazardous to the tree and its surrounding.

Skills Needed for Proper Tree Care

Another reason you should engage the services of tree professionals is because they understand what kind of care a tree needs. Factors that must be taken into consideration include the type of tree, how old it is and even the season. Deciduous trees, for instance, ought to be pruned when dormant, which is usually during winter, but there are those that should only be trimmed in mid-summer. Furthermore, the technique used when trimming could affect the health and ultimate survival of your trees. For more information about proper Fairfax tree care techniques, visit

Are Specialized Tools Required for Proper Tree Work?

Certain tree work should always be left to professionals; they include tree removal and stump removal. Tree removal is a hazardous process, and even experts are expected to abide by a number of safety standards when doing it. In addition, most homes do not have the equipment that a typical tree company has, so the task would be much more difficult and the result might turn out to be a lot less desirable. Stump removal is particularly difficult and you might easily end up damaging the yard extensively.

The Risks Involved in DIY Tree or Stump Removal

You can perform tree and stump removal yourself by renting the equipment required, but the effort it takes to get the job done may not match the amount you save. In fact, if the tools are not new, it could make the process very complex, taking lots of your time for less than ideal results. You also risk harming yourself seriously, particularly if you have never performed tree or stump removal before. This could lead up to a hospital emergency; the work would be incomplete and you would most likely need to pay someone to get it done.

What Determines the Cost of Expert Tree Work?

It is important to consider the factors affecting the cost of professional tree services. The type of work will definitely come into play, with services that are more physically demanding and high-risk being more expensive. In addition, the urgency of the service will affect the cost; emergency services are more costly than routine maintenance work. Keep in mind that trees that are well maintained barely ever need emergency services. Highly skilled and experienced tree service professionals will also offer their services at a greater cost than those with fewer years of experience.

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